CMX-07 Vision Mixer
Add stunning digital effects to your video productions with the CMX-07 2 Channel Vision Mixer/Synchroniser

Real-time Video Mixer

This latest generation real-time video mixer and effects processor provides hundreds of stunning effects, wipes, mixes, fades, etc.You can choose from many digital effects such as strobe, mosaic, paint and negative, and there are also chroma and luminance keys. The picture-in-picture feature offers multi-sized sub-images which can be placed anywhere on screen and there’s a pro-style joystick control for precise digital effect position. Other functions include AV mixing, stereo audio mixing, S-Video compatibility, Dual Time Base Correction for glitch-free source-switching, and more.

Auto Fade/Wipe Selection

Fade/Wipe transition time can be adjusted by operating the slide bar, selectable between wipe or mix effects and has a auto wipe/fade control.

Digital Effect

Digital effect section which generates digital special effects for the A-bus and B-bus source video signals. The selected effects can be added to either the A-bus or B-bus at one time.

Effects: Still, Strobe, Mosaic, Paint, & Negative


Audio Mixer

Audio can be processed either separately or in combination with a video source.

Source fade control between input 1 & input 2

AUX, MIC & Master Output faders



Blue Key

Luma Key

Multiple Wipe

Digital Picture in Picture

Background Colour


Rear Panel

Source Inputs

Video 2x Composite (RCA Connector) or 2x Y/C (S-Video)  Audio is via RCA Type Connectors (Stereo)

Source Outputs

Video Composite (RCA Connector) or Y/C (S-Video)  Audio is via RCA Type Connectors (Stereo)


CMX-07 489.00

409.00 Plus VAT

MVS reserves the right to change prices without prior notice